Educational Classrooms

Create collaborative environments in an agile and innovative environment.

Audiovisual equipment and education have evolved, as have the concepts of instruction and learning. We have focused on enabling within our projects ways of sharing content by creating immersive experiences, collaborative environments and thus being able to satisfy the need of the students and the teacher for an agile and innovative environment within the classroom.

The key aspects to take care of: audio quality, size and coverage suitable for video projection, agile interfaces to share content in a network environment and immersive effects to captivate the student.

Imagen Aulas Educativas Pantallas Interactivas

Interactive Screens

Imagen Aulas Educativas Vídeo Wall Interactivo

Interactive Videowall

Imagen Aulas Educativas Espacios Creativos

Classrooms with Creative Spaces

Interactive technology as a pillar for simultaneous participation

Undoubtedly one of the important pillars is Interactive technology, which is selected according to the pedagogical model and the desired experience in the classroom. Having countless students participating on the screen simultaneously or transforming the interaction into a personal model is a reality for our team.

Imagen Tecnología Interactiva

Collaboration is the goal, no matter where they are.

Imagen Colaborar

We add the sense of COLLABORATE, this means for our designers, engineers and installers to deliver a tool that enriches the experience of sharing ideas in a natural way regardless of the size of groups or the work session. The goal is to be able to unite students and / or teachers no matter where they are and from what device they will participate.

Artificial Intelligence to add to the chain of knowledge and learning.

We are ahead of the future by integrating the latest in analytical technology, transforming communication and the classroom experience. This means that with artificial intelligence we can make captivating effects on the student's attention and of course add to the chain of knowledge and learning.

Imagen Aulas Educativas Extracción de Texto

Text Extraction

Imagen Aulas Educativas Croma Key

Croma Key

Imagen Aulas Educativas Auto Tracking

Auto Tracking