Intel Unite

A fundamental characteristic of the new fluid workspaces is the relationship between users and technology, which makes it possible to facilitate the collaborative work experience (Meeting Equity) through mixed reality meeting rooms and an intuitive and secure system for sharing documents, images , audio and video from any device and from anywhere.

Seamless Collaboration Spaces with Intel Unite

The Intel Unite® solution allows companies, educational institutions and hospitals the ability to easily share content directly from their devices without cables, dongles or adapters and collaborate effortlessly enjoying an optimized experience.

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In hybrid work, meeting spaces must be interoperable and have a variety of unified communication and conference platforms manageable from a single device.

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All content shared through Intel Unite® software is protected by end-to-end TLS encryption to help protect meeting data. Rotating and configurable PINs ensure that only invited people can access the meeting and without the need to share corporate networks.

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Intuitive and wireless system to share documents, images, audio and video - video conferences from any device and anywhere.