Digital Signage

Media4Display is digital signage software that allows you to create, manage and broadcast multimedia content on screens, wherever they are. With an intuitive and easy-to-use editor, you can import or create your content and plan its distribution on one or more screens..

''More than digital signage''

Media4Display - Functions

Imagen media4displlay Visualización Dinámica


Import your networks and create your own dynamic content.

Imagen media4display planifique


Assemble, organize and schedule your content in sequences.

Imagen media4display transmita


Display your content on specific orientation screens: standard or wall screens, tablets, terminals, totems, etc.

Imagen media4display dirija


Media4Display incorporates a technical solution to manage screens, readers and other terminals.

Imagen media4display api


API allows to automatically trigger the broadcast of content based on an event.

Imagen media4display fuentes de datos externas

External data sources

Enrich your content with data sources outside of Media4Display: Internet streams, information from your databases or professional applications.

Imagen media4display administracion centralizada y local

Centralized and local administration

Partially or fully delegate content delivery management to local providers.

Imagen media4display Digital Out Of Home

Digital Out Of Home

Monetize your dynamic display network with a Media4Display campaign module.

Imagen Media4Display Telelogos

In addition, Media4Display is the only digital signage software that natively integrates device management software, enabling complete management and control of displays, players, tablets, kiosks, and other terminals used to stream media content.

With Media4Display, from a web browser you create, manage and transmit multimedia content on a network of screens. You can also display information automatically pulled from your databases or business applications.

Imagen media4displlay cree

Dynamic display at Points of Sale

Dynamic signage has become an essential means of communication for retailers. In addition to transmitting a modern image of the point of sale, it allows communication in real time in stores and thus, messages can be changed at any time.

Media4Display goes further and allows you to interact with your information system or with external events. Thus, you can contextualize your messages and content based on geographic location, stock status, or even the weather.

Imagen media4display Digitalización en Restaurantes

Digitization in Restaurants

Restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, etc. have been digitized to provide more readable information and facilitate product promotion.

With Media4Display, easily renew and manage the content of your menu boards. In a few clicks, you update your offers and prices, then distribute them and display them in all your spaces. For added efficiency, Media4Display can connect directly to your cash register system for automatically updated information. Media4Display lets you go even further by automatically controlling your product highlights based on time of day or weather.

In addition to your menu boards, Media4Display allows you to control all the other devices present in your restaurants: screens, interactive terminals, touch tablets, etc.

Imagen media4display Digital Signage y DOOH

The perfect combination of Digital Signage and DOOH

Media4Display allows you to market spaces in networks of standard screens and outdoor LED panels by having in the same solution a powerful CMS, a campaign management module and a remote screen management solution to keep them in good working order.