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In Wall

Moon Garvan

Speakers that literally disappear into walls thanks to the recessed technology created by Garvan in 2006. The steel used for the structure provides resistant rigidity interference and its aesthetic covers are fully customizable and offer a wide selection of solutions tailored to best suit to any environment.

Luna loudspeakers offer 3 different types of aesthetic covers: aesthetic cover with fabric or visible micro-perforated grille; covered with fabric or micro-perforated mesh inserted in metal bezel; and covered with fabric or micro-perforated grid in angled or rounded bevel.

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Round Speakers

Garvan sim111

Ready to meet the most demanding needs of architects, designers and installers, the SIM111 recessed wall mount loudspeakers made with state-of-the-art components and high-quality materials, deliver superior audio.

They have 3 types of aesthetic covers, with visible micro-perforated fabric or grid, covered with micro-perforated fabric inserted in metallic bezel or angled or rounded cover, all in various colors and textures and even with custom graphics, matte or glossy.

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