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January 17, 2023


Foto Commo Unified Communications

Users crave simple, easy-to-use solutions that help them collaborate and communicate locally and remotely.

Today workspaces are equipped with webcams, microphones and other virtual work tools, however, there is still the challenge of generating a positive meeting experience for both remote collaborators and those within The meeting room. The main operational difficulties of hybrid work are related to aspects such as tangled cables and incompatible devices, as well as the use of low-quality tools such as microphones and web cameras that prevent workers from being able to participate effectively in virtual meetings.

Today there is an entire branch of technology that spans numerous industries and solutions dedicated to simplifying the user experience by uniting disparate components within a workflow. This is known as unified communications, where a single platform aims to consolidate multiple branches of communication and collaboration.

Unified communications is a set of tools designed to facilitate communication between people. Basically it is about allowing communication from the preferred device of each user, unifying calls, messaging, video, chat and much more. They are key in teamwork, they are also known as collaboration tools.

Common features of unified communications:

  • Calls on any device. Anyone can answer calls from clients and colleagues on any device.
  • Use of corporate number. All calls made will be identified with the company number. It will not be necessary to show the mobile number.
  • Facilitate communication. Resolve quickly when doubts or requests arise. Chat to stay in touch with colleagues or call knowing if they are available or not thanks to presence indicators.
  • Effective video calls. Not only the members of the company will be able to 'see each other', but clients or collaborators can also be partially integrated.
  • Efficient work meetings. In a matter of seconds you can organize a meeting with audio, video and desktop / documentation sharing easily and quickly.
  • Security. They are tools designed for corporate use, where communications are encrypted and secure.

The benefits lie in the freedom of choice. Users decide how to collaborate securely, from any device and meeting space, while enjoying all the benefits of unified communications tools and all available USB AV peripherals in the room

Simply connect the button and share the video and audio streams with existing peripherals in the meeting room.

Some of the main key components for fair hybrid meetings are: simple and easy to manage meeting controls; audio and video equipment that integrates with each other; certified tools for the chosen video conferencing platforms; easy-to-use meeting tools that require little or no IT training.

The important thing is that there is an equal collaboration experience no matter where they are.

Companies of all industries and sizes will seek to redefine work for the new challenges that the new economy will present us, combining work and personal life, under the commitment to always do things better.

The last two and a half years have shown that under this scheme it is possible to exceed productivity expectations. The data indicates that many workers, especially the younger generation, prefer remote or hybrid services and that the physical presence of work applies only for some specific activities.

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