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February 15, 2023


Acoustic Comfort Foto Commo

Even during sleep our ear receives, transmits and detects sound. Sound pressures cause the eardrum to vibrate, stimulating the nerves in the inner ear. Differences in pressure determine volume (measured in decibels), while vibration cycles per second determine pitch or frequency (measured in Hertz).
To evaluate the acoustic comfort of a room, the reverberation time, the level of intelligibility and the level of privacy are measured. Depending on the functionality of the room, different acoustic requirements apply.

To achieve a perfect acoustic space, we must be aware that cities are densifying, neighbors are becoming closer (physical spaces), people work at home and buildings are becoming more and more urban, additionally internal acoustic landscapes are evolving . Climate change has already amplified noise levels by intensifying vibrations. Our buildings will require better insulation to protect occupants from internal and external noise.

For Foto Commo, the way we listen in a given space affects not only our sound appreciation. A good acoustic comfort contributes to having a good quality of life to our ability to learn, our sleep, comfort and general well-being.

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