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03 January 2023


Data Art

Reimagining art through technology.

Artistic expression has reached new potentials as technology grows. Art advances the experiences of technology, while technology advances the possibilities of art.

Ari Melenciano.

FotoCommo's Data Art is the handling of data and algorithms conceptually, transforming it into a totally different and innovative art form.

Data by itself means nothing. People bring meaning to them. They represent behaviors, lifestyles, trends, communications, in short, the activity of the human being.

We turn large amounts of data into digital works of art that can represent the activity of an entity, human behavior or the state of technology. We humanize something as complex as 'Big Data' through its transformation into works of art and create unique, ephemeral and infinite pieces that represent the activity that is generated in the universe in real time.

Data visualization is the process of searching, interpreting, contrasting and comparing data that allows an in-depth and detailed knowledge of them in such a way that they become understandable information for the user.

The data that we know today as reality, are analysed, processed and created models that have the objective of detecting patterns, trends, correlations that can only be advertised through their graphic representation. All modern sciences and disciplines, make use of this visualization of data to analyze in detail our bodies, our societies, our communities, behaviors and interactions.

The massive use of data visualization is linked to digital tools, the connected world and the advance of technology. Each science, discipline or each activity that makes use of the visualization of data generates a whole universe of audiovisual representation. No wonder this new herramienta, the art and the world of creation, have made use of it generating great obras, some of its fundaments and representatives of new artistic paradigms. Also its use has extended beyond visualization, creating pieces that transform these data into musical works, sound spaces, cinematic sculptures or bio art among other applications.

On occasion, the interpretations of data beyond what is visible, experimental music beyond its history has made use of the data to create sonorous pieces. The artists use the data of reality, captured by digital technology, to create conceptual and abstract projects that lead to unexpected audiovisual spaces.
The artist selects the data and creates rules that provide limits for the creation process, entonces, the algorithm follows these rules to produce works that vary and evolve together with the data that are outside reality.

The science of data and analytics are in a moment of great expansion, sobre all due to its ability to find patterns of behavior of the hand of artificial intelligence.
Large companies, institutions and governments have seen data science as a form of control and prediction of the future using Big Data and artificial intelligence. In one case seeking control, in others seeking economic gains.
The world in which we live is governed by cases entirely by algorithms that not only analyze our habits, beliefs and behaviors until they are manipulated by artificial intelligence that creates files suitable for their monetization or exploitation in the best of cases.

Entering the dimension of FotoCommo's Data Art is an extraordinary sensory experience.

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