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March 06, 2023


Foto Commo Digital Signage

Digital Signage (also known as dynamic digital signage or multimedia digital signage) is an advertising format that is based on the issuance of digital content through devices such as screens, projectors, touch panels or totems. Generally, these devices are located at the point of sale or in public places and allow companies and brands of products and services to create, manage, distribute and publish their own content, combining the advantages of digital advertising and more conventional outdoor advertising.
Regarding the location, there are two main types of digital signage: outdoor and indoor.

Outdoor digital signage projects are usually located in public places with a large influx of vehicles and people, streets, bus stations, gas stations, access points to cities or even public transport and many more.
An outdoor digital signage campaign usually requires a high investment, but in return if it achieves great visibility and spectacularity.

Indoor digital signage has more history than outdoor, since the first digital signage was installed inside the point of sale.
The closeness and contact ❝one to one❞ through screens, aims to generate interactivity with the consumer.
The investment required for campaigns of this type is lower and more effective because it is at the point of sale, but also with much less reach than outdoors.

Digital Signage increases brand recognition. 80% of the people who receive an impact from a digital screen remember the message, so it is a very effective format with high recall.

When the advertising impact is achieved in the 'outdoor' environment and the synergy at the point of sale with the 'indoor' communications, very often it turns the consumer (generic of groups of people who consume) into buyers, hence the importance of working in parallel, Consumer Marketing (mass media, such as Outdoor Signage) and Shooper Marketing (Indoor Signage).

Digital signage can create unique, interactive, dynamic experiences and make the user associate positive memories with the brand and the establishment, increasing engagement with the products. This can be done with motion sensors, presence, web cameras that identify type of customer by gender, age or mood.

The digital signage system allows integration with social networks and mobile devices; using geolocation, users can be persuaded to interact with digital billboards and to publish their shopping experience on social networks, generating a possible viralization.

The contents of Digital Signage can be modified in real time and adapted to different points of sale, audiences and situations, constantly updated information that changes according to the time of day and any other important element for the product environment.

Security in Foto Commo solutions is at the core of our technology and capabilities, we make sure to offer reliable and solid software.

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