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November 30, 2022


Reserve Panels

The return to work activities with the New Normality forces us to guarantee strict practices of social distancing, people tracking, administration and reservation of common spaces. If the work spaces are well organized, management processes improve and consequently productivity will improve, also reinforcing the work environment.

A Room and Desk Reservation System helps ensure that office occupancy is maximized and that employees who need a place can secure one quickly and easily.

The use of a reservation system is clearly linked to a reduction in costs related to office management, since it allows us to reserve specific workspaces if we are going to meet with a client and we need that room for reasons such as capacity, equipment, location. , etc.

Through a simple administration software, users can reserve the ideal places for their activities from any device. In addition, it allows companies to know the real use of their spaces, know where their staff is located and what meetings are going to take place, as well as have reports and indicators of occupancy percentage, resource allocation and density of people in the offices.


Companies and educational centers must know how their workplaces are being used, whether for administrative reasons, for maintenance and improvement of the same and to ensure the well-being of their users, hence the importance of using a technological tool that allow us to measure and manage usage statistics and actual occupancy figures for the various flexible work and academic spaces.

Higher productivity

The time that users spend on a daily basis searching for available jobs costs money in the long run. With the reservation system these situations are avoided since, in advance, the workers know where in the office and until what time they can use a respective room or work space.

Social distancing

Due to the New Normal caused by the Coronavirus, correct social distancing must be guaranteed everywhere, so a Space Reservation software is a great tool that allows you to control the flow of personnel, avoids crowds in common spaces, helps to the detection of positive cases and people who had contact with the affected person and keeping unoccupied spaces guaranteeing the minimum distance required.

Digital signage

Take advantage of all your company's reservation panels and digital kiosks with a Digital Signage license that allows you to constantly send information, promotions and messages to the devices, keeping users informed at all times of news, schedules, products, etc.

At FotoCommo we are specialists with more than 35 years of experience in the Audiovisual medium, designing and integrating multimedia solutions. We consider ourselves DIGITAL NATIVES, we understand that technology day by day changes the way of living and working, for this reason our solutions are FLEXIBLE adapting to architecture and design. We have carried out more than 600 Multimedia projects, we have more than 450 clients nationwide and we represent more than 40 national and international brands.

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