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December 05, 2022


FotoCommo's smart home

A smart home is already a reality.

A daily experience that provides greater comfort and well-being to family members.

Unique and customizable spaces. Freedom to control light switches, table lamps, small appliances, open spaces and much more, from your smartphone, tablet and voice commands wherever you are.

Well-being and Health: The house is the setting where memorable life stories are generated, it is the place where we want to feel more comfortable and we are in constant dialogue with our environment.

A smart home can improve our emotional and physical health, as well as the way in which the home interacts with the outside world, creating an 'oasis' of comfort that optimizes our days.

Home is the only space that is truly yours and everything can be technologically adapted for you.

  • We all like music, personalized smart home functions allow you to play your favorite lists in specific spaces, even combining with lighting scenarios.
  • Lighting scenarios can be designed for sunrise or sunset automatically according to schedule synchronization. Imagine changing these environments with the touch of a finger or a simple voice command, which will additionally help regulate the circadian cycle of the inhabitants, balancing the endocrine and digestive systems.
  • Smart systems keep everything in balance: water quality, climate regulation, security, the environment, and ultimately, the person. All this is a smart home.

Being in control to create a sanctuary designed by you, will generate an extraordinary daily experience and help with mental health, it will be a house configured to enjoy emotions.

Security: Smart homes have significant advantages over traditional models, real-time alerts, motion detection and video analysis, fire alarms, among other benefits.

Lighting, Create different scenarios, for example:

  • The curtains and/or blinds in your room are raised at the time your alarm clock is programmed.
  • The light on your nightstand turns dimly.
  • Soft music starts playing to wake you up.

Smart House with Children:

  • Motion sensors that turn on light in case children get up at night.
  • Control by voice commands in the room to tell stories or activate specific sounds.
  • The audio can accompany you at key moments of the day, at bedtime, you can choose a playlist that relaxes you. In the morning, more active music to start the day with energy.
  • Open the main door of the house, even when you are not there, thanks to the mobile application with access control.

Energy saving: Lower consumption. A home automation system considerably reduces energy consumption in the house. The efficient management of air conditioning, electricity, hot water, household appliances can mean up to 30% savings

Motion sensors are practical and safe, since they turn off the lights in the rooms when no one is in them or, on the contrary, they turn on the lighting in the garden, if they detect any presence. Smart devices that adapt the heating and air conditioning temperature to permanent values

With FotoCommo, living in a smart home means enjoying a better quality of life and can generate significant savings in our expenses.

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