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December 20, 2022


Homes for the Elderly and technology do not have to be 'fighting', Foto Commo tells you how

An important fact, 90% of older adults prefer to stay in their own homes most of the time, even when they begin to require daily assistance or continuous care during their retirement.
How to use technology in these situations? The idea is to develop an IoT (Internet of Things) management platform, allowing users' homes to be equipped with intelligence in real time, with the capacity to collect data, interpret patterns, alert and communicate any event.
The objective is to control, prevent and monitor the state of health and safety of the elderly, such as chronic diseases, social support, leisure and entertainment activities. Information and communication technologies (ICT) can help us manage healthy lifestyles throughout life.
The project offers services that contribute to making aging less dramatic, less sedentary and boring, and therefore more active, supported by the most advanced artificial intelligence methods.
This technology already exists and consists of remote geriatric monitoring, specifically it is a smart home that uses non-invasive sensors and constant notifications to inform family members about the daily activities of the elderly person, from their movements to their sleep patterns.

temperature regulation

In any season of the year, the thermoregulation of the elderly is not as simple as that of children. Smart controls allow components to be optimized to reach selected temperatures, saving energy and creating comfortable environments.

Security and Monitoring

Older people are more vulnerable to fraud or theft in their homes, so home automation also helps with comprehensive access control, where you can see who is knocking on the door and interact with the visitor without opening the door. Thanks to the security monitoring system, you can see what is happening in the house of the elderly relative, activating the camera(s) or simply talking through the same cameras.

smart lighting

Lights that are turned on by movement sensors in specific spaces such as bathrooms, dressing rooms, kitchen, stairs. etc.. Energy management are some of the applications available to automate your home for the elderly.
Smart devices make life easier by automating, scheduling routines, and managing simple tasks at home, such as making coffee or turning off the light with simple voice controls.

Programming adaptable for each need: You can program a routine according to the time and activities, the very popular 'Alexa' can notify medications that must be taken, read the news, start TV routines and remember important notices such as birthdays and other dates important.

Closer to the family: Activate calls or messages with the voice in and out, alert messages.

Entertainment: Reading books or playing music with a simple voice command.

At FotoCommo, technology and design are adapted to the needs of the entire universe of potential users, their homes, offices, educational and commercial centers and much more.

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