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November 24, 2022


The benefits of good lighting

We spend 90% of our time indoors and approximately 8 hours a day in the workplace.

In the absence of natural light, our internal biological clock becomes disoriented, causing fatigue, insomnia and even depression. Effective lighting can compensate for this deficit and stabilize our biorhythm.

Quality lighting at the right time of day brings us important benefits:

  • Reduces physical and mental disturbances.
  • Limits the risk of insomnia, irritability and mood disorders.
  • Reduces lack of concentration.
  • Regulates the production of melatonin.
  • Increases intellectual performance.

Using technology and lighting design, we can create spaces that provoke a certain emotion such as: calm, joy, warmth or coldness, among others.

Some aspects that must be taken into account to design and provoke these emotional states in individuals are:

  • Intensity: Related to the energy of the people. The higher the intensity, the more energy we project onto people. If we want a low activity in a space, we will opt for a low light intensity.
  • Location and orientation: Light is projected towards those spaces where it is intended that people focus their attention. Very important aspect for lighting projects. It can be a direct, focused or generic light, of an atmospheric type or perhaps scenographic for work and/or signaling, it is about that depending on the need and the use of the space, the light will be designed and distributed.
  • Temperature: The different shades that light can have (warm, neutral and cold) is what we call color temperature. Warm light creates a more intimate atmosphere, which is very important for the design of spaces that are intended for people to experience relaxation and recollection. If you want to experience a sensation of hygiene and cleanliness, you will need a cold light.

Designing light spaces has become an important architectural trend and in the design of interior spaces, the ultimate goal is to optimize daily experiences and help generate greater comfort and less stress

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