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November 30, 2022


Natural lighting

A solution is born with the ability to simulate natural light and to illuminate the space as if the sun were really entering through the roof or window. The idea of this device comes from the need to create and add light to interior places that lack it, also simulating the warm and welcoming atmosphere that it transmits, managing to add important benefits to well-being within work and living spaces, such as: reduction of stress and improvement in mood, concentration and productivity.

The lamps reproduce the phenomenon that is created in the earth's atmosphere and diffuses the blue light from the sky, thus enhancing spaces without natural light. The user experiences infinite depth beyond the window, while a warm ray of sunlight illuminates the walls and objects making the environment incredibly natural.

The introduction of nanoparticles in the panel achieves the scattering of visible light since they are smaller particles than the wavelength of the scattered photons, that is, the so-called “Rayleigh scattering”. Thanks to it, it is possible to more accurately recreate the sensation of light that reaches Earth from the Sun.

With solar light simulation lamps, work spaces become more inclusive, healthy and democratic, achieving the well-being of enjoying the sky and the sun throughout the day in any perimeter of the interior installation.

More benefits achieved by Natural Lighting

The human circadian rhythm is strongly influenced by natural light: receiving the correct amount and quality of light during the day helps our body to properly regulate physiological functions, particularly sleep. Non-optimal lighting in the office can lead to a shorter and poorer quality rest.

The human body produces a hormone called melatonin that is necessary to help you sleep and rest. Getting at least 1 hour of natural light in the morning will help you achieve a deeper, more restful sleep. Sunlight regulates the circadian rhythm guiding the human body when to raise or lower melatonin levels, which is why the more daily exposure to sunlight, the melatonin necessary for the body will be produced, thus helping to achieve restful sleep and reduce stress.

Today the architect or designer can recreate sunlight as if it were real, with all its spectrum recreating the same sensation as if we were outdoors.

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