Feltouch is a product development and manufacturing company specializing in PET felt with advanced fiber and non-woven textile technology. Our primary goal is to supply a wide range of innovative consumer, commercial and industrial felt products to markets around the world.

We design high-performance acoustic absorbers with unique and intelligent designs for all interior spaces, in order to improve acoustics, improve speech intelligibility, well-being, concentration and performance.

Feltouch offers various types of solutions through a range of standard or customizable products tailored to each project.

Seamless Collaboration Spaces with Intel Unite

Ideal for flexible spaces


Acoustic Panels that give surfaces a custom look while remaining sustainable. The collections encompass shapes with wall, ceiling, lighting and Panel applications.

Feltouch products are made from PET and polyester fibers with a certified low VOC value, but without chemical bonds. Proud to represent a sustainable economy by using raw materials throughout our production process that are recycled, environmentally friendly and not harmful to human health.

Feltouch specializes in excellent acoustic designs for all interior spaces to improve speech intelligibility, concentration and well-being.