By Artnovion

High acoustic quality fabric covered panel, designed to improve the acoustics of large open environments.

Azores is designed to treat reflections and obtain the perfect RT by concentrating on frequencies between 125 Hz and 3150 KHz in classrooms, libraries and cafeterias.

The Azores cloud performs exceptionally, especially when separated from the ceiling, and is available in a wide range of fabric finishes.

Suede Fabric Finishes

Imagen Azores Colores 01 Imagen Azores Colores 02 Imagen Azores Colores 03 Imagen Azores Colores 04 Imagen Azores Colores 05 Imagen Azores Colores 06

Felted Fabric Finishes

Imagen Azores Colores 07 Imagen Azores Colores 08 Imagen Azores Colores 09 Imagen Azores Colores 10 Imagen Azores Colores 11 Imagen Azores Colores 12

Twill Fabric Finishes

Imagen Azores Colores 13 Imagen Azores Colores 14 Imagen Azores Colores 15 Imagen Azores Colores 16 Imagen Azores Colores 17

Colors among many more

  • Imagen Azores 06

Myriad AE Absorber

By Artnovion

More than just an acoustic panel, Myriad AE is a design tool that thrives on creativity and imagination.

Built for the control of high frequency reverb (human voice), Myriad AE is made from a recycled PET core that qualifies as a Class 1 material according to OEKO-TEX @ Standard 100s.

It is available in 3 different fabric finishes, providing multiple color options and combinations.

Suede fabric finishes

Imagen Myriad Colores 01 Imagen Myriad Colores 02 Imagen Myriad Colores 03 Imagen Myriad Colores 04

Enameled PET finish

Imagen Myriad Colores 05 Imagen Myriad Colores 06

Felt fabric finishes

Imagen Myriad Colores 07 Imagen Myriad Colores 08 Imagen Myriad Colores 09 Imagen Myriad Colores 10 Imagen Myriad Colores 11

Colors among many more


By Garvan Acoustic

SURFACE acoustic panels by Garvan Acoustics are born from the inspiration of concrete slabs for cladding large buildings.

Configurable for the designer, among a wide range of acoustic fabrics and finishes that simulate concrete or concrete.


Imagen Surface Colores 03

ECO Fabric

Imagen Surface Colores ECO Fabric


Imagen Surface Colores ECO Fabric 02

Colors among many more


By Artnovion

Artnovion Siena wood absorbent acoustic panels have the highest absorption rate on the market. This panel controls and distributes sound waves creating a balanced sound field.

Siena is a hybrid acoustic panel that combines a high performance acoustic core with a calibrated MLS diffuser. Hybrid panels reduce reverberation time while improving sound field distribution, the perfect match for wall-to-wall solutions to decrease reverberation time and improve speech intelligibility.


Lacquered Wood Finishes

Imagen Lacados 01 Imagen Lacados 02 Imagen Lacados 03 Imagen Lacados 04 Imagen Lacados 05 Imagen Lacados 06

Natural Wood Finishes

Imagen Lacados 07 Imagen Lacados 08 Imagen Lacados 09 Imagen Lacados 10

Colors among many more

  • Imagen Siena Educativo 05