The distinguished design has been implemented by Feltouch felt which was developed to meet environmental standards in line with interior building standards.

Sense Collection presents the largest panels created with pressed PET felt technology.

The series of acoustic panels create impressive vertical and horizontal optical patterns. Adaptive panel surface designs allow for wide creative freedom to differentiate and cover many surfaces, from ceilings to walls to corners, through its unique 3D patterns, mono, and corner shapes.

Seamless Collaboration Spaces with Intel Unite

Where interior decorative and acoustic designs meet limitless creativity…
capable of establishing the limits for ceilings and interior walls The new product of Feltouch Sense Collection FLUX; allows these limits to vary freely without dominating the style of the environment. An innovative approach that has no clear boundaries adapts to any environment it enters. Flux is designed in 10 unique shapes such as wall, ceiling, lighting, and panel.

Vertigo is an innovative product, part of the Feltouch Sense collection. Highly modular, Vertigo can cover large surfaces, including ceilings, and can provide a high absorption rate while adding a unique look to every space.