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December 05, 2022


FotoCommo workspaces

The search for well-being in the office is one of the latest trends in the real estate sector.

Gone is the concept of the traditional office, with a vertical structure and isolated offices, the bet now is open, flexible and collaborative spaces.

The starting point is to implement and increase well-being for employees within the business context.

The main difference between an office designed for well-being and a traditional one is that it provides a range of different spaces to facilitate the different types of work that are carried out throughout the day. A mixture of open and closed spaces, individual and group. Access to natural lighting, acoustic and thermal comfort, technological equity to achieve content sharing, all these elements combined to provide coworkers with different options to find the right areas and tools to carry out their tasks, achieving the reduction of levels of stress, increasing vitality and connection between employees. It is about establishing a new relationship between workplaces and users as productive entities. The objective is to prioritize well-being, flexibility, technology and innovation, seeking to increase the productive, inspirational, creative and self-development capacity.

Designing each element based on people, the individuals that make up a professional community, is the core of our thinking and design strategy, carefully analyzed from architecture to furniture, art, the environment (luminosity and acoustics) and the graphics.

The emphasis on well-being and the creation of spaces designed for people to enjoy the working day has become a trend and the central axis of technological design within Foto Commo for offices.

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