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20 diciembre, 2022


Biophilic Soundscape Foto Commo

We relate the concept of landscape to the imposing nature and the impact it causes us, we rarely relate it to what we hear.
Imagine having in our homes the images and also the sounds that nature offers us.
A landscape is an experience that generates emotions in us, it is a place that we saw and that we can consider as a spectacle, even represent it in paintings or save it in photographs; In the same way, the soundscape is the representation of a place that we hear and that we can bring into our lives through sounds.
It is important to remember that our eyes rest when closed, but our ears do not have that option and are permanently exposed to soundscapes, all the time.

The use of Sound Landscaping technology within work or living spaces generates in our brain a series of sensations and positive experiences that cause well-being, comfort, energy, happiness by being in constant contact with nature.
We all feel existentially more comfortable in places with natural sounds than in built and 'silent' spaces, our brains are conditioned to the noise in the environment and to the emotions that these generate in us, this is where we can bring those sensations into our daily lives.

The sound of the flow of water helps to focus on a certain task, it is not a threatening sound, therefore, our brain isolates the vigilance it maintains from the environment, while listening to the water and this is how it helps us pay more attention in our actions. activities.

The sound of the waves of the sea helps to relax us, due to its constant and repetitive rhythm and with a random frequency, these sound cycles increase the proportion of neurotransmitters in the brain, which generates a sensation of relaxation.

Listening to the sounds produced by birds helps us to be more awake, their trills are generally during the day, which is why it is especially effective in spaces with little lighting, since it reminds the brain that it is still daytime and also eliminates the feeling of loneliness.

The sound of the wind is similar to the flow of water, a constant sound, with very few variations. It generates a layer around our ears that helps us to concentrate.

Fire is a very particular sound. Listening to the crackling of firewood has various applications, it awakens alert signals, but it also relaxes, since it is not a rhythmic sound, which can be guessed, even in cold environments it can make our brain, naturally, regulate your temperature.

At work, environmental noise damages concentration, studies show that productivity is reduced from 4% to 66%.
Once we've been distracted, it takes an average of 23 minutes to refocus on the task at hand.
The Biophilic Soundscape masks noise pollution and promotes professional concentration, in addition to optimizing the quality of healthy life, which are determining factors in the workplace.

We have designed a range of 'moodscapes', each created in real time by technologically generated algorithms. Each one causes and maintains a specific psychophysiological state such as Creativity, Productivity, Relaxation, Concentration and Restoration during working hours.
Bringing the sounds of nature into our enclosed spaces can help us feel happier and more comfortable. Scientifically designed indoor sound is being used as an antidote to reducing stress, anxiety, and increasing privacy and productivity.

We spend most of our lives indoors, so our work and family spaces should be sources of comfort, productivity, and well-being.
Soundscape positively transforms the everyday by bringing the benefits of nature to corporate and residential interior design through intelligent audio technology.

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