By Artnovion

Siena has the highest absorption rate on the market for a wood absorbent. Siena Absorber is a timeless acoustic panel with a natural touch, available in a range of wood and lacquer finishes.

Designed with a QRD sequence of slats on a high-performance acoustic core, this is a true power panel, controlling and distributing incoming sound waves, to help create a perfectly balanced sound field.


Lacquered Wood Finishes

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Natural Wood Finishes

Imagen Natural 01 Imagen Natural 02 Imagen Natural 03 Imagen Natural 04

Colors among many more

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By Garvan Acoustic

Microbaffle acoustic panels by Garvan Acoustic are a wall and ceiling cladding inspired by a wooden stave look & feel.

Configurable for the designer, among a wide range of acoustic fabrics and finishes that simulate concrete or concrete.


Imgen Microbaffle colores 01 Imgen Microbaffle colores 02 Imgen Microbaffle colores 03

ECO Fabric

Imgen Microbaffle colores 04 Imgen Microbaffle colores 05 Imgen Microbaffle colores 06


Imgen Microbaffle colores 07 Imgen Microbaffle colores 08 Imgen Microbaffle colores 09 Imgen Microbaffle colores 10

Colors among many more

Avalon Flow

By Artnovion

Avalon turns a simple panel into a pattern that flows along the walls, transforming and unfolding according to the angle of vision where the person is.

The acoustic panel has parametric hybrid characteristics, which unites high performance absorption and diffusion creating the perfect wall-to-wall solution.

Avalon is formed by a combination of 5 different modules, which can be arranged to create countless custom designs.


Fabric Finishes

Imagen Avalon Colores 01 Imagen Avalon Colores 02 Imagen Avalon Colores 03 Imagen Avalon Colores 04 Imagen Avalon Colores 05

Wooden finishes

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Colors among many more

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