Home Office

Condition your home with the necessary technology for the new normal

Distractions such as noise and other people's conversations cause people to make a double effort of concentration while working, lowering productivity and increasing stress.


It is a compact equipment that reproduces a sound similar to the flow of air, it comes with an attenuator that allows you to control the volume at your discretion.

The main function is to cover all those sounds that occur in our environment and we achieve this by creating an artificial sound pressure (Sound produced by Modio).

The sound that Modio produces is a sound without information that our brain registers without distracting us and helping us to be more productive. This is known as soundmasking.



Maximum comfort thanks to the thermosensitive foam of the pads and its variety of 4 colors.


Its large ear pads guarantee extraordinary insulation, achieving excellent acoustic quality.


They have a double microphone system that allows you to have clear conversations, making it an incredible tool for your Home Office.


20 hours of autonomy and 3 hours of charge, these headphones allow you to take your music anywhere. total freedom of movement.

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Shure Aonic-50 Noise Canceling Headphones.


First-class experience without interruptions and premium audio quality for a unique live sound experience.

Without noise

Adjustable noise canceling eliminates distractions and offers an immersive audio experience.


Enjoy up to 20 hours of battery life with comfort and durability. Seamless audio wherever you are. Excellent for the home office.


Touch accesses that offer you quick control to answer calls, adjust volume or play your music.

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Microphone for Home Office


Studio quality in your own home, this handy mic is compatible with zoom and ms teams and is your best choice for the New Normal

Achieve excellent boardroom-like audio by providing automatic equalization, boosting the vocal frequency for clear, continuous sound, increasing voice isolation, and helping to minimize room reverberation.

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Acoustic Panels for Home Office

The simplest solution to work from home more productively.

Using only 4 high-performance acoustic-absorbing mobile panels, you significantly reduce reverberation time and background noise, achieving more privacy by creating a barrier to the rest of your room.

Increase your productivity and concentration, improve the sound quality in your videoconferences and virtual meetings and turn your home into the best office.

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